Sunday reflections… Decide and do it!

Busy is a decision. Stress is a decision. Mindfulness is a decision. You don’t find the time to do things, you make the time to do things.

Today I’d like to briefly touch on making decisions. I’m not meaning those slight decisions we constantly make: “I’ve decided to get fit” (but don’t exercise few times a week or have a routine, for example). I mean, when you are serious about something and really decide to do it. You decide to take the action required to make it happen. Because without actions, dreams don’t become real. They are just that, dreams.

Don’t stop dreaming, just make sure you put your time, intention and actions towards that dream and make it happen. It’s your choice.

Remember: action supersedes everything!

With lots of love,


Motivational quote


“If you are working on something that you really care about, you don’t have to be pushed. Your vision pulls you.” – Steve Jobs


Embracing your greatness


You were put on this earth to achieve your greatest self, to live out your purpose, and to do it courageously. – Steve Maraboli

Hi everyone! Today I’m posting live from the Goal Coast, Australia. Yesterday I attended a whole day workshop with Joe Rangel from 2Evlove and I loved it – It was enlightening and inspiring. What an awesome way to end the conference I was attending!

What got me on-board straight away was his philosophy of changing the world one person at a time. He encouraged everyone to share what he taught us to empower others – that’s truly amazing! The same way you recommend a good restaurant or a movie, why not to do the same with personal growth? The information he provided was life changing for many and is worth spreading.

Joe spend the day navigating us through fast action tools to leave our comfort zone and grow, as a person and in our business. The understanding (or lack of it) of the importance of growing as a human been in order to be able to develop your business is just amazing. I wish traditional business would also invests on this.

The power of making a decision was one of the topics covered. I’m not talking here about saying to yourself “I’ve made decision of xxx”, but really MAKING a decision and TAKING ACTION. Having a plan A with no plan B, just going for our plan A no matter what – this kind of decision, the one you’ll action and make it happen. Actually, I’ve recently learned that is the lack of action that holds us back most of the time, including me… Would you agree?

Let me tell you a little story about this. I had never heard people talking about taking action as much as in the last 4 months so it’s something I’m currently working on. Last week I was at home and went to talk to my husband to be (OMG it sounds so weird to use the word husband! 😁) and asked him to do some brainstorming to think of new ideas to promote my business. I told him: “let’s think out of the box together”. He turned to me, gave me his full attention and told me (with lots of love): “Darling, you spend so much time doing your power hour, meditation, reading, writing your goals, etc. Instead of spending so much time on these things, invest your time in taking action.” At that moment my response was: “well, I can’t take action if I don’t know what to do so let’s think”. And we happily discussed few ideas on how to attract new leads. Afterwards, I realised that he was kind of right. I say “kind of” because I still think that is very important to invest time (every day) in daily routines that set you for your day, but equally important is to take action. So… He was right.

Another thing that caught my attention was something along those lines: don’t wait to be perfect to take action, aim to be excellent and learn along the way. I couldn’t agree more! I’m the perfectionist type and I know I need to move away from perfection… So another thing to work on – keep up the learning curve! 😊

Also, I had to accept that I’m not taking the action that I should to attract leads, for example, so more work for me to be done in that space… BUT it was so great to realise that! No excuses. No buts. No blaming. It’s up to you how successful you are in life, personally and professionally. So, what are you waiting for to take action?

We were taken through great information and activities to cover topics such as vulnerability, the statements we use, our self-talk, focus, vision, gratitude, mindfulness, self-believe, etc. It was just brilliant – the way Joe engaged with the audience was outstanding. He showed his vulnerability and allowed others to do the same. We all connect at the same level. It was a joy to see how useful his contribution was to no just one person but 100 people. He didn’t change the world one person at a time. He did 100 people at the a time. How amazing is that?

To finish off, something he said and will stay with me forever was something along these lines: You can write your own book right now. You can’t change the beginning but you CAN change the ending.

So I would like to ask you… What’s your ending going to be? 😁

With lots of love,


PS. Feel free to be in touch if you’d like to go deeper in any of the topics mentioned above 🙂

Navigating adversity

Storms make trees take deeper roots – Dolly Parton
Adversity introduces a man to himself – Albert Einsten

Hi everyone! The weekend is nearly here and hope you are feeling it as I am! 🙂

Today I wanted to write about a topic I find very interesting and useful to know how to manage it: adversity. Socially (and in the dictionary), adversity is a word that has a negative connotation therefore when we face hardship or a difficult situation in our lives (yes, we all do!) we tempt to feel down, or frustrated, or sad. If we allow those negative feelings to be there for long time, you can imagine that the result is not good for anyone – not for you and in consequence, not for those who surround you. We all have the right to feel that way when going through a difficult situation (of course!) but I don’t let myself feel like this for long time.

Can I ask you a question? How do you think that things would be if we could turn adversity into advantage? The good news is that it’s possible 🙂 The not as good news (I refuse to use the word bad!) is that it’s easier to say it than to do it. One of the things I’ve learnt in the last year through practicing yoga, meditation and working on my personal growth in a consistently manner is that mindset is key. As Lewis Howes writes in his book The School of Greatness: “The actual problem, obstacle or adversity is irrelevant. It’s the mindset and response to it what matters.” Sometimes we focus on fighting (very hard) against hardship that we don’t realise that the specific (hard) situation we are experiencing right now will take us closer to our best self, to our goals, to or vision. If instead of fighting against adversity we learn to embrace it, the result could be very different – right?

For example, if I look into my personal experience, I recently chose to quit my traditional 8-5 job and take the reins of my life – something I really wanted to do and I needed for my own wellbeing. Then I found myself with a brand new venture that I need to develop (lots to learn there!) and not having clarity around the direction I want to take going forward. Plus no income coming in every two weeks (which used to give me a sense of security I don’t have now). I know it was my choice but it’s also scary and a difficult situation for me. However, instead of seeing it as adversity, I’ve decided to embrace and see it as an opportunity: an opportunity to design my life, an opportunity to learn new skills, an opportunity to leave my comfort zone and be comfortable within the uncomfortable. An opportunity to grow in all areas!

So, what did I do to embrace it? In order to put a little bit of perspective on it, I first wrote down what’s my current ‘difficult’ situation, what’s my hardship right now – what I’m not happy with, how I’m feeling and why. Your WHY (for everything you do) is VERY important. Once I identified this, I could then reconnect with my vision and goals and create an action plan to address what’s not working. And this is something you can apply to any situation you are in. However, that wasn’t all.

In addition to the above, to acknowledge what I have achieved and practicing gratitude every day has been key. When we are in a difficult situation we tempt to focus on the negative side of things and forget the positive ones. It’s why I think that working every morning in setting up your mindset for the day through meditation, positive affirmations, your attitude, or whatever other tool or strategy works for you, it’s a MUST.

Fabulous achievments box

I also want to share with you my recent ‘fabulous achievements box’. I went to a meet up couple of weeks ago and it was mentioned that it’s a great way to remind yourself of your achievements, which is essential. I thought it was a brilliant idea so as soon as I arrived home I took an empty box I already had and put in there my main achievements starting in January 2018. What is stopping you from having one? Believe me, it feels great when you open it and go through your achievements. It gives you a sense of purpose, of fulfillment – at least it’s what I feel 🙂

To sum up, I’d say… don’t fight against adversity and hardship, embrace and learn to love it. Who we are today is the result of our past experiences, so make your choices, keep trying and never give up 🙂

With lots of love,

Laia x