Sunday reflections… Decide and do it!

Busy is a decision. Stress is a decision. Mindfulness is a decision. You don’t find the time to do things, you make the time to do things.

Today I’d like to briefly touch on making decisions. I’m not meaning those slight decisions we constantly make: “I’ve decided to get fit” (but don’t exercise few times a week or have a routine, for example). I mean, when you are serious about something and really decide to do it. You decide to take the action required to make it happen. Because without actions, dreams don’t become real. They are just that, dreams.

Don’t stop dreaming, just make sure you put your time, intention and actions towards that dream and make it happen. It’s your choice.

Remember: action supersedes everything!

With lots of love,


The importance of practicing positive habits


“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, it’s not an act but a habit” – Aristotle

Hi everyone! Hope you are having an amazing week! Today I’d like to reflect on my daily habits and the importance of practicing positive ones.

I’ve always considered myself a consistent person: if I decide to do something, I’ll do it no matter what. But if I reflect back, actually, I’ve not been as consistent as I’d like with my healthy habits. For example, for years I tied yoga and meditation but as I couldn’t focus during my practice, I easily gave up. Or reading, which I love – life gets busy and I stop it. Or being grateful – days pass by, life gets busy and I just stopped expressing gratitude for all the good things I have in my life.

Let me tell you a story. A year ago I found my current yoga studio and decided to do things differently. First, I did a beginners course and sfterwards I started going to classes once a week. It was really good but you don’t get the huge benefits that yoga practice offers by just attending a class a week. Over six months ago I made the decision to attend yoga classes a minimum of three times a week and try meditation, this time seriously (I had tried it and gave up plenty of times). I made the commitment to read a meditation book, Mindfulness for Women from Vidyamala Burch, and take it as a five week course. During this time I was determined to follow all the exercises and tasks the book gives you as homework. If I couldn’t meditate after the five weeks, then I could say meditation wasn’t for me. I started the book and my daily meditation, just 10 minute guided ones, and after a couple of weeks of consistently meditating every day (plus my yoga classes) I started feeling an amazing change. The inner peace and contentment I felt (and currently feel) was wonderful so I decided to make yoga and meditation a priority in my life and both activities became one of my positive daily habits I’m not willing to give up. The change in my soul and body was amazing: the way how I cope with things, the inner contentment, being less reactive, being more present, etc. My body also changed for the best. It really improved my quality life and it’s the reason why I highly recommend it, event for those (who like me) think that they have a very busy mind to meditate (mine is still very busy!).

Few months after starting meditation I jumped into a new adventure (that came with lots of challenges) as an Independent Consultant with an amazing health and wellness brand. I knew through other consultants that the organisation highly supports personal growth, but I was amazed when I experienced the company’s philosophy to fully support and empower their consultants through personal development as the way to success in their business. They also connected me with the importance of my morning routines and started to learn about the importance of good habits in your daily life.

I guess I already knew it -someone told me time ago- but I never digested it. Now I have consciously (and consistently) incorporated positive daily habits in my life so they can be my autopilot on the path to greatness. If I’m honest, it’s not always easy and I can sometimes go off track as life gets in the way, but my healthy dairy routines have totally enriched my life.

Let me share with you some of my daily habits, some of them very recent:

  • Wake up early to do my Personal Power Hour:
    • 10 minutes of meditation
    • 10 minutes of visualisation, gratitude and positive affirmations
    • Reading at least for 30 minutes in the morning
  • Make my bed. You may think this is silly, however, as Admiral McRaven said: “Making your bed will also reinforce the fact that little things in life matter. If you can’t do little things right, you will never do the big things right”. I’m very grateful to my mum who since I was a little kid got me into the habit to make my bed every morning!
  • Smile to people as much as I can
  • Eat healthy and clean
  • Yoga or other kind of exercise: boxing, fitness class or a walk around a park
  • Focus on my goals and take action steps towards them
  • Check on my attitude through the day and make sure it’s excellent
  • Express gratitude during the day and before going to bed
  • Work in progress – Lead my life by four principles to practice in order to create love and happiness:
    • Be impeccable with your words
    • Don’t take anything personally
    • Don’t make assumptions
    • Always do your best
  • Reading as much as I can
  • Practicing mindfulness before going to bed and have a moment of gratitude
  • Journaling

Here is the thing: positive habits lead you to being successful, in your personal and professional life. They will always have a positive impact, and in lots of cases, a life-changing one – which is grand!

In order to implement new positive habits I also had to look into my negative habits to swap them. For example, I had some bad habits such as being hard to let things go, being inpatient and ungrateful, beating myself up, etc. to name just a few. All these bad habits don’t serve me and don’t make any good to my wellbeing. This is the reason why I’m extremely grateful to my partner and every person who has helped me to fit my new positive habits in my busy schedule.

I also have to admit that being consistent with good habits is challenging. Sometimes life gets in the way and I go off track. However, I now try not to beat myself up. Instead, I try to do better and reconnect with my positive habits and vision to break the bad ones.

It’s all a life experience full of growth, which I love. I’m in love with my new inner calm, my new contentment and my continuous growth. Are you willing to share what are those positive habits that change your life for the best every day?

With lots of love,

Laia x

What wellness habits work for you in your daily life?

“To change your life, change your habits”

We live surrounded by information. Every person we know, social media and other communication channel have some advice to give us: keep active, do exercise, eat healthy, meditate, be positive, and so on. It never ends… it’s like the wonderful world of being a new mum. Everyone that surrounds you will have something to tell you about how to look after your baby or bring up your kids. And I truly know that all of them have the best of intentions, they want to help. But I also know that every person is different and what works for me might not work for you and vice versa.

When we decide to improve certain routines or daily habits (basically, when we decide to improve the way we live our life) we end up listening to too many people and might end up feeling overwhelmed. We sometimes try to do too much and stop enjoying along the process, which I’d say it’s not ideal.

This is how I was feeling a short time ago. Being in a moment of huge change in my life I was feeling excited, so the first thing I did when I decided to push myself to the next level was to surround myself with lots of information related to what I wanted to do next. I read, listen to podcasts, joined meet up groups, etc. In addition, social media now knows what you are interested in so kept putting in front of me lots of Facebook groups, webinars, workshops, etc. Many of which I happily jumped on to without realising what I was getting myself into.

Don’t get me wrong, every single group had something to offer and I loved them, but I ended up spending too much time on social media. I moved from hardly being on Facebook (just for holiday pictures posting and a little bit more) to using social media to empower my new venture. And then… all these other groups. My notifications started growing and I wanted to be on top of everything because I wanted to grow and learn. But at some point I realised it was just too much: every information channel has its own peculiarities and its own way to do things, and when you are like me (the perfectionist type) you want to be on top of everything and try every single technique you are taught.

Let’s be real – it’s impossible! I started feeling overwhelmed and didn’t want to spend so much time doing multiple things without being able to focus in one thing properly. Then, something clicked and I told myself: “let’s focus in doing less things right and make things easier for yourself”. And I started doing it and things started to shift (still work in progress though).

So I decided to focus on my wellness and those healthy habits that are non-negotiable to keep moving forward. My daily routines help me to feel structured and fulfilled knowing that I do the best I can every day. Some of my daily routines are:

  • Surround myself with positive and like-minded people
  • Clean eating
  • Get enough sleep
  • Reading
  • Meditation and mindfulness
  • Moment of gratitude
  • Journaling
  • Yoga classes
  • Walking 10,000 steps every day (preferably walking in One Tree Hill park)
  • Colouring (slowly going back into it)
  • Checking on my mindset and attitude
  • High intensity exercise once or twice a week in addition to yoga and walking
  • Working hard and smart
  • Petting my cat Oskar
  • Be loving to my partner and friends
  • Hugging
  • Be present
  • Be gentle to your body

Others that I find awesome to incorporate as a wellness daily habits are:

  • Laugh: the mere action of laughing releases endorphins
  • Get some sun
  • Invest 30 minutes doing something you enjoy and find relaxing
  • Talk to someone you love
  • Leave your comfort zone daily
  • Enjoy a sunset or sunrise
  • Make social connections
  • Drink water
  • Smile, etc.

What’s important is that you find what works for you and incorporate it in your daily life. For my sister-in-law cooking is her relaxing activity, for me is reading. What works for you? Let’s keep up the good habits and be gentle to our souls!

With lots of love,

Laia x